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Bail Bonds

If there’s one thing that’s true about life it’s this: you’ll never make it without the help of others. When bad things happen, you can rely on Bail Bonds America to stand by your side. No matter what your background or your current situation, you deserve someone who can help you out when the going gets tough. If a recent run-in with the law has left you or someone you know stranded in jail, our bail bond service is a very quick and effective way to bring them back home.

Because of the way that the United States criminal justice system is structured, a bail bond is a necessary tool for many people who require bail. Bail bonds are a great alternative to paying the entire price that the court has set for bail. At just 10% of the bail price, we can get your bail posted in no time. If you, a friend, or a loved one is currently in jail for a crime they’re suspected of, Bail Bonds America can offer all of the tools you need to understand their current situation and to get them released in a timely fashion. For more information on bail and bail bonds, visit our “How Bail Works” page.

Additional Services

Surety Bonds

While we mainly deal with bail bonds, we also offer other types of surety bonds, depending on your situation. Bail Bonds America can assist you in the arrangement of other bonds. Give us a call today to find out exactly what services we can offer you.

Electronic Monitoring

GPS-enabled electronic monitoring devices are used to keep an eye on a person’s potentially illegal activities. A court may order you to wear an electronic GPS monitoring device for a number of reasons, and may restrict you to your home or workplace only. If a court has ordered you to wear an electronic monitoring device, Bail Bonds America offers attachment and monitoring services. Call us for additional details and pricing. LEARN MORE >