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Forms Used for a Bail Bond by Bail Bonds America

There are three basic forms needed to be filled out by the co-signer for the bail bond to be issued; What you need to know, Application Form and the Contract Form. These forms can be printed out, signed and faxed to the fax number designated. Originals should be mailed to the office which issued the bail bond. You should make copies for yourself and keep them for your records. These forms can also be electronically submitted to our office; in which case, you will need to electronically initial these forms and send original signed copies to our office.

Form 1. What you need to know before signing

This form explains, in plain talk, how a bail bond works and what your responsibilities are. You should read and understand. Please ask us any questions you have after reading. This is what the contract states that you will be signing. Electronically write “I have read and understand” then type your initials to form and submit to our office. Next, print a copy and sign. This will be mailed to our office.

Form 2. Application form

The co-signer, about himself or herself, fills out the application form. This information is used as contact information and used to qualify a person as a co-signer on a bail bond. The blanks should all be answered, initialed and submitted. The form can be printed and faxed or mailed to our office. All information is private and held in the strictest confidence between you and our company. See our privacy notice here.

Form 3. Contract

This is the contract form. This is the legal agreement between all parties involved with the ail bond. Your agent will tell you what information to put into the blanks. After all blanks are filled, you can electronically submit the form. You should then make a copy for yourself, sign and mail the original to our office.

Form 4. Payment

The Payment form is used to complete the financial arrangement between you and Bail Bonds America. We have many different payment methods available along with payment plans. Our agent will go over any available discounts you qualify for. The agent will also go over, with you, the information needed to complete the form. The form can be submitted electronically, printed and faxed or mailed to our office. All information is private and held in the strictest Privacy. We also offer PayPal as a payment option.